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Bookkeeping Services

Please be aware that we have a variety of Bookkeeping service plans and pricing points. Please contact our office for specific plans and pricing. Below you will find an overview of all of the Bookkeeping service we can offer.

Accounts Payable
1. Process Incoming Invoices to be paid
2. Approval System for Payables
3. Pay Bills/Cut Cks Weekly
4. Reconcile Bills Paid
Accounts Receivable
1. Generate Invoices to Customers
2. Apply Payments from Customers
3. Weekly Collections Reports
Monthly Transaction Posting and Reconciling
1. Posting of all transactions into accounting file
2. Categorize & Classify transactions to proper accounts
3. Assign expenditures or billable expenses for job costing

4. Month end reconciliations

Monthly Closing
1. Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
2. Verify and cross check the profit & loss and balance sheet

Monthly profit & loss, Balance sheet, Weekly Cash Flow Analysis, A/R Aging, A/P Aging, Journal reports

1. Quarterly in office management meetings
2. Includes up to 3 hrs of phone calls/emails or texts with your bookkeeper