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Covers You Like a Blanket The Obama Care IRS Protection Worry Free Guarantee

Covers-You-Like-A-Blanket The Obama Care IRS Protection Worry-Free Guarantee

ObamaCare still has many unknowns and the effects on the tax code are at best murky. New Healthcare Laws have many taxpayers worried, not only now-but after April 15th when Uncle Sam sends out his “love letters” asking for more money. Yes, the IRS is out of control! Thousands of new IRS agents have recently been hired to do one thing—collect as much money for our cash-strapped government as possible. The problem is MOST of the “love letters” being mailed out by the Internal Revenue Service are a fishing expedition. They hope you pay the money. If you don’t the IRS doesn’t mind charging you penalties and interest. The burden is on you… guilty until proven innocent in their eyes. {Sad I know} So the odds of YOU getting audited or receiving one of these IRS letters are higer than ever! And since Healthcare Reporting has now been added into the tax code, these “love letters” from Uncle Sam are expected to increase! MY SOLUTION FOR YOU: Responding to these simple written IRS notices can be expensive and time-consuming—not to mention an actual audit can mean a real financial disruption. But I have created a solution—my Worry Free ObamaCare IRS Protection Plan. This service COVERS YOUR LIKE A BLANKET and helps shield you from these unexpected costs. The Fee works like an unofficial insurance policy. {Only $59.00} If (When) you get contacted by the IRS or other taxing authority, I will provide the following services:

•I will respond to written notices from federal, state, or local taxing authorities (regular fee $60.00)

•Up to $2500 in reimbursements on your audit bill (limitations apply)

•Two hours of additional service, including ObamaCare consultation

•I will provide additional copies of you tax returns upon your request

. •I will prepare income verification (“comfort”) letters for lenders or other parties. This protection becomes effective upon filing your 2013 Form 1040 and covers your 2013 Federal and State Tax Returns.

(Opt-OUT) ___ By checking here, I indicate my choice not to participate in the Worry-Free ObamaCare IRS Protection Plan. I understand that I will be subject to additional charges if my return is selected for audit, if I receive a notice from a taxing authority, or if I need additional services not

included with my tax preparation. ________________________________________________ _____________  

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