Income Taxes and Bookkeeping

Saving You Money Without Changing Your Business

Blue Coast Savings is one of the top Cost-Recovery companies in the US.  As a Blue Coast Savings Constultant, I have access to an exclusive Business Savings Assessment Tool which will allow me to identify areas which have untapped savings.  This allows you to lower costs but does not require any change to your current business systems or relationships.  Some of the key areas which I will examine for savings are:

• Expense Reduction – utility, freight, waste, and wireless
• Commercial Property Benefits
• New Healthcare Benefit Reform Program
• Pioneering Energy Management Solutions
• Workers Comp Audits
• Energy Savings Programs (Local, State, Federal)
• Property Depreciation
• Manufacturing Incentives (Local, State, Federal)
• Tax Credits – based on hard-to-find government subsidies
• Many more

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